So you want to drive your business forward? You're in the right place. Whether you've recently set up your own electrical business or you've been a sparky for years, it's essential to stand out in an increasingly competitive space.

We know a little bit about standing out...aside from being bright green, Loxone has been making waves in the home automation industry since 2009. We've won many entrepreneurial awards including the prestigious Pegasus Award and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year amongst others.

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1.) Establish a brand

If you’re already running a well-established business, you’ll know the importance of building a reputation around your brand.

You'll most likely already have a company name and logo. If you haven't already, ensure aspects such as style, tone, colours, fonts, images and slogans are consistent across everything that represents your business. This will include your website, business cards, email address, and even your company t-shirts if you have them.

Evaluate your competitors. What are they doing that works well? Think about how you can bring these ideas into your own website and marketing. What makes you unique as a business? What can you offer customers that others can't?

2.) Consider setting up a company website

If you’re already the proud owner of a website, take a good, hard look at it. Better still, ask an honest friend or family member to cast their eye over it.

  • Is it appealing to potential customers?

  • Can they find your contact number easily?

  • Is it easy to navigate around the website - are the headings clear and obvious?

  • Does it make your business stand out? Are you displaying any additional awards or accreditations, such as NICEIC or CEDIA, and are these up to date?

  • What about customer testimonials or videos? People are much more likely to view a video than to read a big wall of text, so if you go for text quotes, keep them short and sweet.

3.) Optimise Your Website

  • For those experienced with running their website, consider optimising it to make it more user and search engine friendly.

  • Does your website have a responsive design? Responsive design ensures your website looks good regardless of the device used to view it.  A growing number of people use their smartphones and tablets to search the Internet on-the-go, so it's worth making sure your website looks just as good on a smaller screen.

  • Consider setting up a free tracking account, such as Google Analytics, to help you keep an eye on how much traffic is coming to your site. This can get complex, so rope in a techhie friend or consult a digital marketing agency if you need help.

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  • Be sure to add lots of helpful, relevant content to your website such as step-by-step guides, video tutorials and photos of your work.

  • Think about the types of keywords or phrases you’d like to be found for, for example, “electrician in Guildford” and incorporate these in your headings and page titles.

  • A great tool for looking for keywords is Google Adwords, which is free.
  • When choosing keywords for your website, think about what your potential customers might be searching for and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Think about about pluralisation, abbreviations, and informal language since they can all make quite a difference in terms of how many people are searching for these terms.  

  • Don’t forget to give your photos (and/or ALT tags) a proper name... you’re much more likely to show up in search results with a photo called ‘fitting a vintage edison bulb’ than something like IMG65301.

4.) Think About Social Media

After you’ve created a great website, you’ll want to tell the world about it and drive some visitors to it.

One of the best ways to reach existing and potential customers is via social media channels such as Facebok and Twitter. Social media is not for everyone though, so ensure you have the time to dedicate to interacting with your customers.

5.) Get Smart

Now obviously we’re biased, but sticking your hand in the sand and hoping that smart home technology will go away isn’t going to help much. It isn't going anywhere.

Becoming a smart home installer needn't be difficult or expensive either, and can open up a huge range of opportunities and benefits. To find out why so many electricians are choosing Loxone, click the button below or request a free brochure.

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6.) Go Wireless

It may seem a strange thing to advise going without the wires, but hear us out.

The market's awash with wireless smart home products, with plenty of off-the-shelf devices such as Hive and Nest for consumers to choose from.

There is a rising demand from homeowners for a centrally managed automation system with the same capabilities as a wired system, but without the mess or fuss of re-wiring.

The Miniserver Go combines ease of use and installation with intelligent automation, resulting in a superior smart home. It can be used to control lighting, heating, security, AV and more. There's only one app, which is free to download, and coming in at under £300 is a very affordable option. The configuration software is entirely free as well!

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7.) Don't Forget About The Garage

In the same vein as smart homes, electric and hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular. There are now over 8,500 charging stations across the UK, and more electric vehicle drivers are installing them in their homes for convenience.

Since these domestic charging stations (also known as wallboxes) require power from the mains, homeowners need skilled electricians to install them.

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